Posted on June 6, 2012 · Posted in Sales

Ever get a bad sales email? Here’s one with personal markup that I got earlier this week:

Hi Will,

I noticed your LinkedIn profile (I got this to an email not on my LinkedIn profile. In addition I received a duplicate of this same message to my actual LinkedIn email). Adknowledge can help you reach qualified consumers (no demographics?) looking for Online Coupons (talk about spotting the insertion point in this bulk email) across Email, Display and Social Channels (capitalization errors). We’ve recently overhauled our Online Coupons (again so easy to spot) category to enable geo targeting at the state level (why not city level?) and improved ROI for our advertisers (I read this as: Our product sucked, now it sucks less?).

If you have some budget available for a small $500 test within our marketplace, I can add another $500 on top of that to help you get setup this month. (So I know nothing about you or your network and you want $500? Get real)

Looking forward to your thoughts. (Like this blog post?)


Victor Carrasco
(removed phone numbers)
(email removed)
Adknowledge Inc.
5220 Summerlin Commons Boulevard, Suite 501
Fort Myers, FL 33907


A Few Points for the Rookie

  • You don’t know me, so introduce yourself. Right off the bat you want $500 and you don’t even tell me who you are?
  • If you are trying to sell me something give me some stats to work with (network size, demographics, # of advertisers, years in business)
  • Are businesses seeing results? Give me a link to a case study showing good ROI. Don’t make me Google you.
  • Don’t make it so incredibly obvious where the dynamic insertion in the email is taking place
  • I work in the online coupon space but don’t assume all I do is online coupons

Bottom line: Be real, treat me like I’m an intelligent person and maybe I’ll follow up

Note: Don’t read this as a personal attack on Adknowledge, this is more of a gripe against bad sales emails.