Posted on November 30, 2011 ยท Posted in Google

I’ve had a rough week with Google. To make a long story short they put my agency’s Adwords account under standard review during a critical phase in the holiday season and it’s been frustrating seeing how they are treating their valued customers. I was debating whether to criticize Google under my name for two reasons: the first is whether it’s appropriate from a business point of view and the second is whether Google might look at your sites and client sites in a negative light.

The first option involves your professional appearance online. I make myself accessible and don’t block most of my social accounts so for me it’s not an issue because I don’t consider my online persona to be the most professional among marketers. However if you are actively trying to get clients, do you want their first impression to be set by an angry blog entry against Google?

I would think that it would work both ways in the sense that if you criticize Google in an intelligent manner (presenting a logical argument vs whining) I believe it shows a level of familiarity with the deeper concepts of search. However complaining about a policy could imply that you’ve been unsuccessful in recent work.

The second option is whether Google will use your complaints to penalize any site that is connected to you (through analytics, webmaster tools, rel=author, etc …). I generally don’t buy into conspiracy theories but I have heard first hand accounts of SEOs who believe their site is having difficulty ranking because they are on bad terms with Google (previous black hat practices, public criticism).

While I think that can probably be explained by outdated tactics it certainly isn’t out of the question. Let me honest, I have no verifiable evidence but if you write a marketing blog, it might be best to avoid inflammatory language just to be safe.

Don’t avoid criticizing Google but do it in a way that doesn’t make you sound like a five-year-old.