Posted on February 2, 2013 ยท Posted in Leadership

I walked into a burger place in Addison earlier today and immediately knew the restaurant’s days were numbered. It was lunchtime and the place was empty and the shopping center itself was a mostly empty relic that looks primed for redevelopment.

An enormous big screen tv with a fading pictured droned the latest news from CNN while the sparse decor and cheap chairs highlighted the emptiness one felt walking in. We had decided to visit the place on a whim and despite two of the nicest people you could imagine working behind the counter, the food just wasn’t anything great.

As our group left, I thought about the different attitudes one could have toward the restaurant. You could take the point of view that people who aren’t great cooks themselves have no business opening up a restaurant. You could take the point of view that this is an ultra-competitive sector and you should know full well that you have a 25% chance of being open for more than two years.

There are so many ways to remove yourself from the reality of the situation but I look at this and every other failing business as the end of a dream. For some the dream was worth making a reality and for others they should have followed another dream.