Learn About SEO.

I’ve created the following section to educate businesses on a variety of SEO topics from links to meta data to choosing the right agency to manage your account.

People often view SEO as a “secretive” or “geeks only” occupation but in reality there are no secrets. In fact anyone can do SEO with enough studying and practical application. The biggest mistake you can make as a business is treating SEO as a “dark magic” and paying a fortune on unqualified providers who continue to lead you along with made up terms and phony reports.

Becoming educated on SEO is the most important step you can take towards choosing the right person to manage your search marketing.

Check out the articles below and if you have any questions or want to learn more, contact me.

Choosing the right SEO company

What’s the difference between $200 and $2000/month SEO services?
If a company has never handled a site in my industry, am I destined to fail by choosing them?
Can I trust a company that outsources services like linkbuilding?


How do I know what to write about?
What are some good tips for writing online content?
How do I detect duplicate content?


How many people actually search for a specific term? Where does the data come from?
I’m number one for a really long term. That means the SEO company is doing their job right? (popular)

Meta Tags

What are title tags?
How do meta descriptions work?
Is the meta keywords tag important? (popular)

SEO Services

What services do you use either personally or for clients?
What services should I avoid?


How do sitemaps work?
Will html sitemaps on my site help my rankings?