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Here are the top 5 most viewed posts from 2012

  • Pros and Cons of Self-Censorship Online
    This has always been a sticking point for anyone in online marketing because you know that clients, employers and prospective employers will Google you and do their research so the question becomes, do you put forth a very vanilla version of yourself that just tweets and retweets about your industry?
  • The Susan G Komen Foundation and Why You Need a Reputation Management Plan
    Imagine yourself as the head of PR for a large organization and suddenly you face a serious scandal that threatens your future viability … aside from needing to fix whatever issue has come up, you need a plan for handling your brand’s social media.
  • Adknowledge Demonstrates How to Write Bad Sales Email
    I get a number of sales related emails each week and this one was particularly bad. I look at the mistakes this person made in their sales email and show you how to write an email that will compel and convert prospects.
  • Caine’s Arcade or How to Successfully Exploit a 9-year-old
    Caine’s Arcade was one of the years feel good stories but I was bothered by how much credit and control was going to the filmmaker who shot the short viral video hit and how he was using the situation to his advantage.
  • Fisher Crisis Day 2: Progressive Responds, Raises More Questions
    This post recapped the second day of Progressive’s major PR woes regarding the case of Matt Fisher and the controversy surrounding his sister’s death. This post also correlates with the previously highlighted post about having a crisis management plan for your brand.